RFID - taking asset identification to the next level

Emerging global standards has helped RFID to become the world's fastest developing automatic identification technology. Hundreds of companies now offer interoperable tags, antennas and readers as a result of the ISO18000-6c v2 and EPC Gen 2 standards for passive UHF. IEEE 802.15.4g is similarly starting to introduce conformity into active tag systems.

RFID tags can be read in extremely hazardous environments not suitable for bar codes and the multi-read capability make it possible to automatically track hundreds of assets non-intrusively in real time.

Codegate can assist with the provision of every aspect of an RFID solution, including RFID software, middleware, independent advice on choices of tag antennas and readers, hardware procurement, helpdesk support and maintenance. We have trading relationships with all major RFID manufacturers. We can also demonstrate different RFID technologies in action at our premises in Steventon.

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