The easy to install visitor book.

Keep track of the most important assets of all - people. V-Log Pro is easy to use PC based visitor recording software. Installed in seconds, it will save you the recurring cost of visitor books or multi-part pass books.

By using less paper you will enhance your green credentials, and by keeping a proper log of visitors you can better fulfil your Health and Safety at Work obligations.

  • Record all types of visitors arriving at one or more entrances

  • Maintain accurate digital attendance records

  • One-click emergency report for current visitor list

  • One off licence cost, no consumables

  • Self-sign in touch screen option for unmanned receptions

  • Car numbers recorded for better parking management

  • Pre-register visitor list

  • Pre-printed visitor badges optional

  • Individual visitor badge printing optional

  • Email notification of visitor arrival

Security Badge Options


V-log Pro can be configured to work in three separate ways:

No badges: Go for the greenest option and don't use any badges or other consumables. However it will not be possible to identify individual visitors or whether they have registered properly.

Numbered badges: Buy one or more packs of 50 pre-printed badges and holders. Each badge has a unique number. Badge numbers are recorded against visitors on registration. Still a green option as no further consumables are required.

Personal ID badges: Buy a Brother QL printer and print an individual badges or label as each visitor arrives. V-Log allows you to customise the badge design and choose between card or label media. This offers the highest level of security but does require ongoing printer consumables.

Self Sign-In and Sign-Out

If you operate an unmanned reception you can run V-Log self sign-in/sign-out software on a local PC. It will run full-screen on any PC but is optimised for use with a touch screen without the need for keyboard or mouse. You can also customise one or more welcome screens to incorporate your own corporate styling and health and safety messages. Brother printers can still be used to dispense personalised badges.

V-Log Pro Features
  • Easy to use system to record visitor information

  • Management options and Database Export

  • Network and Multi-User Capability

  • Print out personalised visitor badges

  • Self Sign-in for unmanned receptions

  • Able to create or edit your own visitor badges

  • Emergency roll call lists

  • Supports multiple buildings in one area

  • Self service touch screen option so visitors can sign themselves in or out

  • Fully customise and brand the self service touch screen to fit with your business

  • Create your own Visitor Types

  • Web access to the Visitor lists

  • Mobile/Smart phone access to the Visitor Lists

  • Custom information screens for use with Self Sign-in

  • "This Location" and "Show all Locations" view of your visitors

  • Visitor badges include visitors company name

  • Supports Pre-registration of Visitors

  • Email notification of Visitor arrival

  • Rapid sign out of multiple visitors using bar code scanners

  • Optional staff sign-in and sign-out module

Installation and Support

V-Log can be downloaded and installed directly from this site. First you can use the 30 day trial version and once you're completely happy you can purchase and download the full licence key.

V-Log can be installed in two separate parts, the database and client. For a simple installation on one PC just download and install the software on to the target PC. If you would like the database to be shared so that the software can be used at multiple entrances and a remote administrator can gain access then it's easier to download the software to a server first so that the database is installed there. Then install the client software on each computer where V-Log may be needed, even if it's just to monitor visitors remotely.

If you want to install Brother printers to print badges the Brother driver and P-touch label design software should be installed first.

V-Log is designed to make self-installation as easy as possible. However if you prefer we can arrange for it to be installed for you, either by visiting your site or by talking you through the process over the phone and dialling in remotely if necessary.