For enterprises looking to extend the capabilities of the Apple iPhoneiPhone® 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, the Honeywell Captuvo™ SL42 enterprisesled transforms the popular smartphone into an enterprise-readysolution that speeds business agility and lowers total cost of ownership.The Captuvo SL42 sled targets mobile frontline workers who requirereal-time connectivity to business-critical applications and superiorbarcode scanning performance to improve productivity and betterserve customers whether on the floor, on the road, or in the field.


From a leader in barcode scanning technology, the Captuvo SL42 sledfor Apple iPhone 6s and Apple iPhone 6s Plus quickly and accuratelyfocuses, illuminates, and reads hundreds of barcodes per shift, evenwhen they are damaged, poorly printed, or on a mobile screen. OptionalTotalFreedom™ scanner software plug-ins improve scanning of directmark barcodes and other standard 2D barcodes, including AAMVANorth American driver’s licenses and documents, so mobile workers areenabled to rapidly capture and access information anytime, anywhere.


The Captuvo SL42 sled was built to withstand the demands of workin the field with rugged specifications that extend the lifecycle ofthe smartphone and eliminate the more frequent replacementsrequired for consumer devices alone. Plus, the Captuvo SL42 sledextends the battery life of the smartphone with the capacity to lasta full shift and beyond. The ability to quickly replace the batteryensures mobile users do not lose valuable time servicing customerswhen a device is out of service for charging. The Honeywell CaptuvoSL42 series is the right solution to help enterprises reduce deviceacquisition costs, empower employees, increase productivity,reduce downtime, and improve the customer experience.

Honeywell Captuvo SL42 Series