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New Asset Tracking Capabilities in Lime

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Traceability is made even easier with the latest new technology integrations to Codegate's Lime asset tracking middleware...

With the increasing pace of technological advances in RFID and IoT sensing, Codegate's Lime middleware allows users to choose and use any blend of technologies that are most appropriate to their requirements. Unlike many other vendors it it not a choice of one technology over another, they can be used together, taking advantage of the most beneficial aspects of each. Lime was designed from the ground up to be able to provide new integrations with new vendors and emerging technologies as they become available. To follow are two new examples of integrations that have recently been completed.

Wiser Systems - Precision tracking using Ultra-Wideband

Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) are very much on the increase, able to deliver up-to-the second precision asset locating together with a very detailed movement history. Codegate is delighted to be working with an innovative leading provider, Wiser Systems. What sets Wiser apart from other UWB RTLS vendors is the relative ease with which a system can be deployed into 'big company' situations where there are multiple hurdles to overcome, including strictly on-premise software deployment to minimise cyber security issues, difficulties of adding network points and power cable containment within existing facilities, large amounts of racking and machinery to de-stabilise accuracy, and large outdoor storage areas with no provision for power and networking.

Wiser uses 'anchors' (see 4 in the image below) to determine the position of assets tagged with an active UWB transponder. The anchor positioning and spacing is not critical relative to other systems. The battery in the tag is field replaceable and will last typically three years depending upon configuration settings. Most importantly the anchors network together in a private mesh, requiring only one end point connection to the network where the location software is hosted.

That makes it very easy to retro-fit the system into existing facilities, even if there are major restrictions applied to the wired network. Each anchor has a tiny power requirement, so batteries can be used in demonstration situations, or a feed can be taken from any power / USB socket. The anchors can even be installed outdoors, where an environmental enclosure with solar panel can be used in areas where there is no power or network availability. Positional data is calculated and can be referenced to either an x-y datum point on a floor plan as in the above example, or even to lat long for yard coverage. Gateways can be used to interconnect multiple buildings on one site, and multiple sites.

The inherent properties of the mesh network mean the Wiser system positioning is relatively less susceptible to interference from machinery and racking in a cluttered factory environment. Unlike many UWB systems it can even work through stud walling and other light duty partitioning.

Integration with Lime gives users a 'best of both worlds' advantage, in that positional data can be automatically received into Lime and seamlessly blended with information from other asset tracking technologies, whilst rich amounts of historical data are available within the Wiser system for possible big data analysis. A typical use case might be where manufactured parts and tools are tracked with a passive UHF RFID system (because the cost of the tags is pence rather than pounds), but stillages, forklifts and other delivery vehicles are tracked using Wiser tags.

Whether it be in manufacturing, MRO, logistics or healthcare, please contact Codegate if you would like to discuss your use case further.

Wireless Links GPS based tracking

Codegate is pleased to be working with wide area tracking specialists Wireless Links. It gives Lime the capability to track 'outdoor' assets almost anywhere in the world, reporting their lat long position back into Lime, normalising the data so it can be blended with inputs from other technologies.

Whilst Wireless Links trackers still require batteries, years of experience have led to the development of a wide range of product options including extended battery packs and solar recharging to ensure that the time between charges is at a maximum. A range of solar backed BLE tags is also available to help track components and accessories associated with the main tracker.

Integration with Lime again gives users a 'best of both worlds' advantage, in that lat long positional data can be automatically received into Lime and seamlessly blended with information from other asset tracking technologies, for example passive UHF RFID for lower value components. Whether it be in vehicle, trailer, plant, stillage or crate tracking tracking, please contact Codegate if you would like to discuss your use case further.


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