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GIST Logistics - Trailer Tracking

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

The supply chain company operates from 11 regional depots across the UK with over 1,000 trailers transporting goods for major customers including Marks & Spencer. These trailers are subject to annual vehicle tests enforced by the government body, then known as VOSA. When trailers were due for inspection it was proving difficult to locate them This was also leading to costly spot hires to maintain trailer availability, especially at peak seasonal times such as Christmas.

Working with Zebra reseller Jade Solutions Codegate developed an automated RFID data collection system to instantly track the movement of each trailer entering or leaving a depot, sending that information directly into Gist’s Enterprise system.  Each trailer RFID tags fixed to each side allowing the software to derive direction of movement. Following a successful trial the solution was rolled out across the UK in just six months.


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