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G1 Unmanned Store - User Competences

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

One of the newest additions to our G1 store is the introduction of applying user competences to specified items. These user competences can range from qualifications for using certain types of machinery or tools and can be applied to individual user profiles through our G1 unmanned store web portal. The user competency feature sends an alert to the store manager when a user hires out an item that they don't have the competency requirement for. The qualifications can be added through the user page where individual qualifications can be added to separate users depending on their skillset. A list of current competences include: dangerous tool handling, power tools training, dangerous machinery training, basic and advanced rigging, and many more.

The process for applying and using the new user competency feature works as follows. Each user has their user profile modified to reflect their skill levels, experience, and training within specific areas by having competences added to their unique user profile. Whenever an item is added to the G1 web portal competences can be added to them reflecting what requirements are needed for them. For example, a dangerous machinery competency can be added for a saw blade. The item in question is added into the store taking it out of the stock pool as it would be done normally. When a user with the necessary competency requirements hires the item and takes it out of the store, no alerts or warnings are sent as none are required. When a user without the necessary competency requirements hires the item and takes it out of the store, a warning alert is sent to the store manager so that they can then deal with the issue as they wish to.

The store does not prevent the removal of a tool as a user could be hiring an item on behalf of a colleague who has the specialist training to use it or for another valid reason, but it allows the store manager to conduct checks to ensure access to specialist equipment is not being abused, whilst highlighting where additional training might be required.

If you have any further questions regarding the introduction of user competences to the G1 unmanned store please feel free to contact us.


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