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Speedy Expo 2018 supported by Codegate Expo solutions

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Speedy, the UK's leading provider of tools, equipment and plant hire services has once again successfully hosted the largest private hire show in the UK at the Exhibition Centre, Liverpool.

Supported by over 1,500 attendees, the two day event once again brought the industry together to demonstrate the latest innovations and health & safety initiatives as well as providing an excellent networking opportunity for Speedy colleagues, suppliers and customers.

With over 140 exhibitors, this was the largest exhibition that Speedy has organised, enabling suppliers to demonstrate their latest products and innovations to Speedy colleagues and customers whilst understanding the needs of Speedy customers and the challenges currently being faced.

Speedy and their event management partner QRBT called on Codegate for the fifth year in a row to provide a range of Expo solutions to help the event to run smoothly whilst providing management information to help with reporting and planning for future events.

From Codegate's suite of Expo solutions, Speedy benefitted from:

  • On-Line and On-site Registration Solutions

  • Exhibitor Management Software

  • Delegate Management Software

  • UHF RFID Delegate Tracking

  • Hotel Reservation Management

  • Dining Table Plan Management

  • On-site voting solutions

  • Seminar guest registration

  • On-site badge printing

  • Fast track queue busting solution

  • Information Kiosks

Codegate's dining solution allowed organisers to plan a gala awards dinner for nearly 900 guests, adapting the seating plan up to the beginning of the event and smoothly seating all diners within 30 minutes. (See video below)

On day one of the event, their is a conference for Speedy colleagues which means that a lot of people arrive to collect their badges in a short period of time. This is no problem for Codegate as our unique 'Queue Buster' solution allows hundreds of people to collect their badges very quickly whilst still providing a personal service. (See video below)

Codegate captured over 2000 votes over the two days for Speedy's 'Star Product' initiative using a mobile voting application that is downloaded by exhibitors and configured for Speedy's exact requirement. Guests can also vote at information kiosks positioned around the exhibition.

With discreet UHF RFID readers positioned in key locations around the event, Codegate were able to provide Speedy with accurate delegate reporting to show delegate attendance, busy times and popular seminars. These reports will be used to help Speedy plan their next event.

If you would like to find out more about how Codegate can support your next live event, click here.

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