RFID Tool Tracking

Keeping track of valuable assets can be a time consuming process, eating into the resource efficiency of highly paid professionals. Hours can be lost in email trails attempting to find missing items. Business management may be liable if maintenance and safety checks are not routinely carried out and proper records are not kept on usage and service history.

Codegate's RFID store manager provides the solution - an intuitive asset tracking system that's easy to use and easy to manage.

RFID Store manager can hold data on any number of assets that need to be tracked. Each asset has its own attributes allowing a complete transaction and maintenance history to be built up over time. Data is in SQL format so it's easy to import from and export to existing downstream systems.

Rather like a library system there's a database for users, each issued with an ID badge. Tools 'loaned' to users are recorded in the database. The transaction process can be a manual check out style transaction or fully automated using a door portal. That makes the system suitable for both manned and unmanned stores.

All assets are uniquely identified with a suitable RFID tag. There's a vast selection of tags available and choosing the right ones is critical to the success of the system. It's now possible to embed tags into metal, fit them inside tools, and the use of battery assisted tags can greatly improve the reading range. Codegate professional services include assistance with tag selection.

RFID Store Manager supports three different read modes; transaction, portal and dynamic. 'Transaction' operates in the same way as a familiar checkout where a user actively passes items in front of a read point; 'portal' allows users to walk in and out of a store area without having to stop to do a transaction, 'dynamic' allows continuous monitoring of stored assets such that alarms and events can trigger as soon as an asset moves away from its allocated location. A wide range of shelf antennas are available to allow a store or cabinet to be custom built to suit the assets.
rfid store manager

RFID Store Manager will support a range of peripherals to assist with the accountability process; for example any number of cameras can be used to record images of all transactions or asset movements away from stored location.

Dynamic RFID Reading

'In vehicle' or 'in store' - report what's missing in real time

Traditional RFID installations use 'pinch points' and 'gate portals' to record the movement of goods through a fixed location. Extreme care has to be taken to design a system that will read every passing tag reliably. Codegate's RFID Store Manager turns this concept on its head by continually monitoring every asset it needs to track, and then reports on any that go missing or get moved to another location. That makes it adaptable for in-vehicle deployment or use in lockable cabinets and strong boxes. Limitless camera integration means that every time an asset is taken there's video evidence of who took it. By linking to access control mechanisms RFID Store Manager can offer secure unmanned access to assets with a complete history of who took what and when. Dynamic reading means that only small amounts of asset movement data are logged, making it possible to keep track of assets in vehicles in real time - assets which can include people and critical equipment. The system will automatically advise which assets need maintenance or are approaching an expiry date - information sent out by text or email or accessible via a web portal.

RFID Store Manager also supports traditional pinch point reading (non intrusive tracking of assets through doorways) and transaction monitoring (loan and return of assets from a store). It can use any combination of RFID and bar code technology to record who took what and when.

RFID Store Manager can be used for

Emergency Services

Automatic inventory checks each time a vehicle sets out on an incident - and before leaving the incident to return to base. Warnings of missing assets, items out of calibration or requiring maintenance. Dynamic visibility of critical assets on a vehicle available remotely to command and control. Reporting on which assets need maintenance checks. Know who is in each vehicle and what their service capabilities are based upon training history.

Cage and stillage tracking - in depot and in vehicle

Linked with vehicle telematics RFID Store Manager can dynamically report what assets are in a trailer whilst it is in transit. That means the exact point in time and location at which assets are offloaded can be identified. That means cages, stillages, totes and other valuable containers can be tracked dynamically and accurately between despatch and delivery.

Tool and parts tracking - manned and unmanned stores

RFID offers a non-intrusive way to track tools and valuable parts in and out of manned or unmanned storage areas (even vehicles), simultaneously recording the identity of the borrower. That makes assets easier to track and through appropriate maintenance and test record reporting easier to keep in good order and safe to use.