Improve delegate engagement through voting

REGDESK Voter allows delegates to have their say by scanning QR codes positioned as strategic points around an event such as exhibitor booths and breakout rooms. The event organiser prepares the QR codes via a web portal prior to the event and data is captured in real time as the event progresses.

  • App downloaded from app store or play store
  • App can be used at any REGDESK deployed event
  • Delegate scans their badge QR code at start of event (this automatically identifies which event)
  • Throughout event delegate votes by scanning QR code next to stand / product / location
  • Option to add comment
  • App will operate even if no wifi / phone service
  • Votes stored on smart phone until WiFi / GPRS signal restored
  • All voting data and comments available to organiser
  • Views and reports

    Select event

    Filter between 2 dates and 2 times

    Show total votes and comments per voting item