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Free up capital with better asset utilisation

Like many businesses, you can soon accumulate a lot of equipment. It could be tools both big and small, specialist machines, various items of IT equipment such as laptops and printers and large items such as generators and diggers, for example.

These are assets that represent significant investment but to many employees it can be considered simply as 'stuff'.

Keeping track of these assets can be a big task....and because it’s just “stuff”, employees don’t say anything.

Sound familiar?

Yet as some of these assets become redundant, misplaced, broken or simply non-compliant, they may not be in use or may need attention. It could mean you are wasting money on equipment that you either aren't using or simply don't need.

This can result in poor utilisation which goes unreported, meaning you invest in buying or renting equipment you already have, or have capital tied up in assets you don’t need. So how do you keep a check on all this?

What if there was a system that monitored and digested all this information and just told you about assets that needed action? That kept things simple, safe, up to date and showed you where you could SAVE or recoup money?

Lime is just that...