LabelTrace Appointments

Print professional appointment cards from your GP administration system in seconds

LabelTrace Appointment Cards is currently compatible with EMIS, INPS Vision, TPP SystmOne and Front Desk.

Handwriting appointment slips takes time and it's easy to make mistakes or to be misunderstood. Now with the LabelTrace Appointments System, clear professional appointment cards can be printed at the time the appointment is created in a few mouse clicks or by pressing a hot key combination.

Because the information on the card comes automatically from the clinical system its accuracy is guaranteed. This now includes the option of printing the patient's NHS Number (NPSA guidelines) on the card.

The standard appointment card layout is easy to configure to your own practice details. You can also develop your own customized card templates, or Codegate can provide this service for you.

Appointment cards print almost instantly

The card media recommended is credit card size for conveniently storing printed cards in a purse or wallet. It also allows large, legible fonts to be used, which is an advantage for vision impaired patients. For convenience the workstations running LabelTrace can use separate printers for lab labelling and appointment cards.

Labeltrace Appointments can be ordered on a 30 day trial basis, with a full refund if you are not satisfied and return the equipment.

If you already have LabelTrace Appointments and wish to order more appointment cards or printers please visit the LabelTrace re-ordering page.

LabelTrace appointments brochure (2.5 MB)

LabelTrace appointments features (54 KB)