Incident Reporting

Having an accident or being stopped for a DVSA check can be a stressful time. Codegate’s Incident Reporting Tool helps drivers capture and record relevant information quickly and automatically where possible.

The Incident Reporting Tool provides a mobile app for fleet drivers to assist them in the event of a vehicle check, accident or other health and safety issue. This facilitates rapid electronic data collection with captured information being sent to the fleet manager within minutes.

Notifications of DVSA stops can be sent within minutes of each incident, ensuring that vehicles are scheduled for remedial work at the earliest opportunity. In the case of an accident users can quickly enter some basic information whilst the system automatically records the time and location of the incident.

To assist with the subsequent claim drivers can add as much detail as they are able at the time, selecting from a simple menu. A summary checklist helps to ensure nothing is missed. Any number of third party details, witness details, photographs, supporting notes can be added, together with a multi-colour sketch of the scene. Photographs can be annotated to provide additional helpful information. Once completed the data is transmitted over the GPRS phone network back to head office for immediate action.


The system allows clients to provide very detailed information to the insurer in a timely manner. As the information is delivered in a form approved by the insurer this can significantly reduce the administrative burden for both client and insurer. In the recent case of a thousand vehicle fleet user the introduction of the Incident Reporting Tool resulted in a six figure saving in costs within the first year. Accident statistics can also be fed into driver behaviour analyses enabling corrective training to be introduced sooner where necessary.

By monitoring incidents more closely fleet managers are able to maintain their vehicles more effectively whilst also benefiting from a reduction in insurance premium.