Matt Hurst - ace stock checker!

4th November 2016

Matt Hurst - ace stock checker!

Matt (left) receives his prize from Codegate director Ian Quint

Stock taking can be a long, laborious process; so at Speedy Expo 2016 Codegate hosted a game to show how it can be made more fun and much quicker. The aim of the game - to inventory check 30 RFID tagged assets in the shortest possible time - using a smart phone and a U Grok It RFID reader sled.

Over 100 delegates had a go, nearly all achieving a time under 10 seconds; but the winner over two days, with an outstanding time of 1.5 seconds was Matt Hurst. Congratulations to Matt, who took away the prize of a Tequila Slammer kit - and a bottle to experiment with!

Check out this video to see how the game was played.