RFID Delegate Welcoming

Codegate provided on-site registration, badge printing, delegate tracking, sales lead capture, interactive displays, RFID and bar code scanning, and on site support for the 2012 BAPCO event in Manchester Central. Each badge, printed on demand using a Zebra card printer, contained a UHF RFID tag that was automatically and non-intrusively detected by RFID scanning equipment installed at the conference entrance, enabling the name of the delegate to be displayed instantly on nearby welcome screens.

Each ID badge was also printed with a bar code used for sales lead data capture by participating exhibitors. By demonstrating the latest UHF RFID technology Codegate showed how non-invasive scanning can be used to track delegates at exhibitions and conferences, even down to personalised interactive help kiosks.

Since then Codegate has continued to develop its on site delegate software into REGDESK, which will handle on-site on-demand printing of delegate badges using RFID and / or barcode IDs, together with options for real time delegate tracking, real time sales lead data capture and smart phone based delegate voting.