Test Recording for Mobile Engineers

Job diary viewed by engineer

Take away the paperwork

Add more value to your field services by putting rugged mobile computing in the hands of your engineers. By connecting them to your central systems you will reduce paperwork, improve access to engineering data, improve quality and provide better feedback to your customers.

Codegate's Mobile Engineer software can be used to monitor, measure and manage all field services from one comprehensive solution. For all types of assets you can schedule and record on-site visits to carry out maintenance work and inspections, take meter readings, issue compliance certificates, record time taken and parts used, take notes and photos, record customer satisfaction and a work completion signature.

The software is web based with separate portals for administration, management, engineers and customers - all able to view data in real time.

Asset details

Key features include:

  • Job scheduling by diary
  • Automated time recording and time sheet generation per engineer
  • Mobile access to supporting technical documentation
  • Access to customer data, and assets by location and type
  • Create, assign and manage inspection schedules and compliance certifications
  • Record inspection details and update the system immediately
  • Manage engineering competencies and asset attributes
  • Full recording of parts and consumables used
  • Automatically generate job completion files for forwarding to accounts / invoicing

Data Sources

The data entities managed by mobilengineer include customers, locations (multiple locations per customer) assets, groups, and attributes that can be dynamically updated, engineers, spare parts, jobs, job scheduling and collection of work in progress data, items that require inspection, inspection types, attributes, questionnaires and schedules, linked to items, technical data, information available to engineers to assist with the job.

Signature capture

Office Administration Portal

Office administrators have the ability to manage:
  • Assets - import from other systems, create, amend or delete.
  • Locations - import / add / edit / delete.
  • Jobs - report breakdowns, create new jobs and manage scheduled jobs, attaching relevant documentation provided by the customer. Review and edit individual jobs or a schedule of jobs, view jobs by service centre or by engineer.
  • Inspections dashboard - view sites by customer where there are assets due for inspection and post to the job scheduler.
  • Job diary- access a summary view of scheduled jobs by engineer and drill down into individual engineers.
  • Time sheets - editable view of daily, weekly and monthly time sheets per engineer, detailing vehicle inspection time (start of day), mileage record, time on and off each job, time in office, finish time, show summary of mileage, time travelling, time on jobs, office time and absence.
  • Certificate designer - create, view and edit test certificates and associate with relevant assets, maintain full version control history.
  • Inspection management - create, view and edit inspection types; for each inspection type create view or edit questions in the form of text, numeric, drop down menu, radio buttons, free text, photos. These fields may be used in certificate deign. Associate inspections with item codes. Group inspections into hierarchical sequences based on the number of operational hours of the asset. Inspection types provided as standard include lifting, PAT testing, statutory plant inspections, pressure vessel inspection, electrical installation inspection, magnetic particle inspection, service and breakdown.
  • Job completion and invoicing - provide an output file for all completed jobs, which can be forwarded to an accounts package for invoicing purposes.
  • Engineers Portal

    Allows engineers to view their own job diary, individual job details, view or download documentation directly associated with the job or from a central repository, view completed jobs, carry out an inspection using a tablet or laptop, flag a job as failed, or to create ad hoc inspections and add new assets. Meter Reading Management.

    Meter readings for any asset can be entered into the system through the admin, engineer or customer portals or using the engineer's mobile computer app. Depending upon an asset's attributes, the software can automatically estimate the next due reading date and schedule a request or visit accordingly.

    Configurable inspection forms

    Customers Portal

    Customers will have real time access to their asset data and will be able to enter meter readings and current running hours. They can view completed inspections grouped by site and type, or search for certificates by asset number, serial number or date range. Each inspection record shows asset number, description, date and type of inspection, location. Scheduled inspection can also be viewed by type, site or date.

    View a summary of all assets due for re-inspection within a selectable time period. View a summary of all failed inspections. Request new inspections and ad hoc maintenance jobs.

    Diary view on Engineer's mobile

    Engineers Mobile App

    The rugged mobile computer is a smart phone that can be used by the engineer to make calls, and and receive messages, receive jobs and data, complete data collection forms, take photographs and annotate, make sketches, take readings, record spare parts usage and make notes.

    Engineers can access a job diary to view scheduled jobs. By tapping on any headline the job details can be viewed. The app can integrate directly with navigation software to navigate the engineer to the next job at the touch of a button.

    For any site the engineer can view a list of all assets sorted by type, and can view up to date details of individual assets, including current status, inspection, meter readings and maintenance history. Using the touch screen the engineer can complete inspections, add meter readings, make notes, download relevant supporting technical data and record consumables or spare parts used to complete the job. By scanning the RFID tag or bar code on an asset the engineer can view all its attributes. A facility is provided to 'discover' new assets, recording basic details for future use.

    Once a job has been completed there is a customer satisfaction and sign off screen to end the visit.

    Device Management Software

    All rugged mobile devices can be controlled from one office workstation using remote device management software. This enables the applications to be updated over the air without needing to return devices to base, to monitor device status and usage, take remote control of the device for troubleshooting, and to kill data and applications in the event of suspected mis-use or theft.


    All pda data is communicated in encrypted form via secure airtime providers between secure servers. Our web portals use the same HTTPS communication used for payments and bank account access and the information displayed can restricted according to the pre-defined credentials of the user.

    Core Modules

    • Job manager, including diary and job scheduling.
    • Administration portal.
    • Engineer portal.
    • PDA app.
    • Remote device management software.
    • Asset database.
    • Customer and location data.

    Optional Modules

    • Customer portal.
    • Customer CRM.
    • Telephone integration and call logging.
    • Navigation software.
    • Private two way messaging.
    • Meter reading.
    • Test certificate generation and management.
    • Inspection schedule generation and management.
    • Spare parts and consumables recording.
    • Time sheet generation and management.
    • Vehicle inspection.
    • Vehicle incident reporting.
    • Lone worker protection.
    • Vehicle CCTV recording.