RFID Delegate Tracking

Delegate Tracker uses active RFID technology to record the presence and movement of delegates at conferences, exhibitions or similar events. It can be hired as a fully supported package for events up to a few thousand people. Once badges are issued delegates are tracked without any need for checkpoints or intrusive scanning.

  • Completely non-intrusive to delegates.
  • Real time data availability.
  • Cloud based reporting accessible anywhere.
  • Reduced need for door personnel in break out rooms.
  • Can be used for leads data capture.
  • Optional delegate badge printing software.

Delegate Tracker will provide the following information

  • Date and time of arrival of each delegate (to the nearest minute).
  • Date and time of exit of each delegate.
  • Total time spent by each delegate at the event.
  • Date, time and duration of delegate visits to break out / seminar rooms.
  • Individual booth sales leads capture for participating exhibitors.
  • Date, time and duration spent by delegate in pre-settable zones within the conference area.
  • Individual delegate / VIP / press pass movement history at the event.

What’s in the kit

  • RFID reader, capable of tracking tags over an area of approximately 7,000 square metres (subject to venue construction). Additional readers can be added if required to cover larger areas.
  • Delegate badge holders, equipped with RFID tags and location sensor. Custom printed labels with individual delegate details can be applied to the badge holder. Badge holders are supplied in packs of 100 and must be returned after the event.
  • Zone beacons. One required per breakout room, or individual zone within the main event area. One beacon can cover an area of 300 square metres. Additional beacons can be supplied to cover larger areas.
  • Delegate Manager software. At the heart of the system Codegate’s software captures delegate movements to a local database and uploads filtered information to a Cloud server accessible from any on line computer with appropriate access credentials. Delegate data is therefore available in real time throughout the event, not just afterwards once the data has been processed manually. An additional software module is available to issue late comer delegate badges at the event.
  • Data access. Data can be exported from the on demand system in a simple csv file format. An optional api is also available for direct real time access to selected data.

Delegate tracker has several additional uses

  • Valuable assets can be tracked as well as people. Alerts can be raised in real time (by email or SMS) if an asset is removed from a pre-set ‘guard zone’.
  • Alerts can also be generated when the number of delegates within a particular area exceeds or is less than a pre-set limit.
  • There’s also a ‘finder’ option that could be use to determine the current location of important assets, staff or delegates.