Electronic Proof of Hire

The Business Issue

Specialist crane hire operator Ainscough have over 500 mobile cranes operating from 28 depots across the UK. With continued expansion their paper based systems for recording proof of hire and operator time sheets had become inefficient and time consuming. Delays were on the increase.

Ainscough were looking for a method of electronically deploying jobs to drivers and automatically capturing signatures for work completed along with a streamlined electronic operator time sheet solution. Both feeding seamlessly into Ainscough's back office ERP and payroll system

The Solution

Codegate focused on 3 key Objectives:

  • Reduce the cost of transaction processing through eliminating the manual work required to process paper Proof of Hire timesheets and employee timesheets.
  • Reduce the number of processing errors and invoice queries.
  • Reduce the lead time from completion of a hire job to dispatch of customer invoice.

This solution provided Ainscough with clear relevant electronic data, including recording proof of hire, timesheets, and job allocation. The proof of hire is automatically sent to the customer.


Our solution has improved three key areas of Ainscough's back-end management system:

  • Staff now have a user interface that is easy to use, with a logical flow of steps to guide the user through the entire process. Crane operatives are unable to progress through the application without first completing their daily safety and compliance checks.
  • We created an Admin/Maintenance web portal that simplifies inputting and editing data and settings
  • Finally we built a custom reporting tool that gives a wide variety of reporting functionality, enabling Ainscough to see in real-time key performance metrics - and providing them with extra reporting on areas like unrecoverable hours and crane utilisation data to further improve efficiency.