CSG Job Planning Goes Mobile

The scope of the project

CSG required a better method of tracking their vehicles and organising their jobs, as their current paper based system was becoming burdensome. Codegate’s goal was to help automate this process, focusing on the distribution and collection of electronic jobs / tickets to CSG’s fleet of 60 sewage tankers.

The specific aims of the project were:

  • Significantly reduce the physical paperwork throughout the business
  • All but eliminate late and lost paperwork at depots
  • Automate distribution, (both internally and externally), of electronic job tickets and consignment notes
  • Provide real time collection information at the depots and at head office
  • Significantly reduce administration overhead
  • Facilitate quicker invoicing turnaround
  • Provide accurate working hours for payroll

Codegate development

Codegate focused on two key aspects: Providing a ticket allocation system and providing a proof of collection.

To facilitate these goals Codegate built a planning portal that interfaces to CSG’s existing accounting system to acquire the initial job details. Once planned the jobs will be pushed out via a mobile gateway to the field based PDAs. The PDAs will prompt the driver for the necessary inputs regarding the job, vehicle, and working hours.

The completed information being transmitted from the PDA over the mobile data network, back via the mobile gateway to the central reporting portal. Further customer facing portal development is outside of the scope of this requirement.

There is a subsequent second phase to this project which would involve dry and hazardous waste, which would require a modification to the PDA and planning / reporting system and most likely interface to third party route planning systems.

Benefits to CSG

  • CSG now have instant access to driver location and job status
  • CSG’s clients are kept up to date and get emailed as soon as collection takes place – looks professional
  • CSG’s are in the clear from a legal point of view with a Standard waste transfer note
  • CSG’s Head Office and depots have reduced paperwork and administrative burdens

Further Benefits from Codegate

Codegate offer a comprehensive software support service covering all aspects of the software:

  • Any issue can be logged via Codegate’s online 24hr / day support portal.
  • A telephone support line and email address are also available as a backup.

Codegate also partner with Motorola to offer hardware options and support:

  • Codegate recommended the Motorola TC55, a business grade device with integrated data capture capabilities. It is built to withstand the wear and tear of industrial environments, so it’s less likely to fail in the field.
  • Fewer failures mean less downtime – leading to higher productivity and profitability.
  • Codegate proposed the Motorola backed fully comprehensive ‘Gold’ support contract - this provides for a next day exchange unit in event of a unit becoming faulty or damaged.